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Prayer requests for July

Narrowgate Shelter:

Martin Crowhurst has now taken over from Phil Brown as Narrowgate Project Manager.  Pray that God will help Martin to settle into this role and that He will guide Narrowgate into the next phase of its strategic development.

Church Liaison: 

Tony Cunliffe is our new Church Liaison Officer.  Pray for Tony as he comes to grips with this new role, that doors will open to allow him to introduce the work of Manchester City Mission to local churches.

Windsor Drop in Centre: 

Please pray for a new season of fruitfulness in the Windsor Drop in Centre.  Pray for Nick’s ministry, that people will be saved, and for the staff of Salford Loaves and Fishes who work with us in this project.


Paul’s Winter’s Blog

operation_joyOperation Joy – With two days being spent on the streets of Manchester for the time being it has become easier to be recognised. The sandwiches provided for me on Wednesday during this past week had all been given out by 12.45pm.

I had seen D on Tuesday and came across him and his partner again on Wednesday. He had remembered the promise of a sandwich and remarked that ‘here is a man who keeps his word’. Simple, but effective, in building relationships.

4site4 Site – This ministry has gone into a research phase and it will be important to be in touch with the chaplaincy at the Showmen’s Guild before proceeding with more visits to Showmen sites; visits to the Traveller and Gypsy sites should be recommenced from the beginning of July.

Paul’s Blog

operation_joyOperation Joy – At the moment my time is concentrated on the streets of Manchester over a two day period each week. This has resulted in seeing more people for a second time and as faces become more familiar conversations are easier to start.

One man told me that he had a scientific mind; he could not get beyond that despite there being several Christians in his immediate family. He paraphrased the story of the prodigal son; evidently he would love to be welcomed back by God, but the issues of science are an obstacle.

In a group I met elsewhere was another man wanting to talk about his perception of God. One of this group was seen at one of the drop-ins on the following day, all useful ways forward.

4site4 Site – For various reasons I am leaving Traveller sites until later this month. However whilst walking down a street in Bolton I saw an out-of-date notice board with phone numbers for the leaders of the Gypsy Church meeting in the town.

Having been in touch I am better placed to go to one their meetings at some time in the future. I also hope to be in touch separately with the chaplain to Fairground people whose details I have come across.