Agency referrals

Please note:

Manchester City Mission are currently experiencing intermittent commmunication issues which may affect your ability to successfully refer clients into the Narrowgate project.

We ask that you bear with us until the issues are resolved. If you are affected by these problems, please contact us on (0161) 736 7959 for further updates.

Many thanks

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Thursday 18th January:  2pm



Please note that we are currently engaged by Salford Council to cover their cold weather provision.

Therefore, until the end of March we only have 10 beds available for Non-Salford referrals.

On occasion that Salford Council do not use up their bed allocation, other guests will be allowed to use their allocated beds on a Monday by Monday basis.

Consequently, each Monday we will be reassessing the availability of those beds and a number of guests maybe placed on the reserve list.


In order to improve our referral services we are changing the referral times to 10am until 2pm [instead of 9am until 11am), on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We will only need re-referrals to occur on a monthly [4 weekly] basis.  This means that all re-referrals accepted in the week commencing 01/01/18 will now be due 29/01/18.  [Likewise any referral booked in as a ‘staying guest’ from the week commencing 08/01/18 will now be due on 05/02/18 etc etc].

Therefore any new referrals taken the week commencing January 15th will need to be re-referred on Monday 12th February.   This is for a trial basis of 12 weeks to ensure the support to our guests is continuing appropriately and we reserve the right to change this procedure as necessary.  We also reserve the right to have more frequent referrals for individual guests if we believe this is to be the most beneficial for them.  This will be at the Manager’s discretion.

However, ‘New’ Referrals will be on the usual days from 10am till 2pm.

Monday is the next day for ‘New Referrals’  to refer  for the nights of Monday 22nd January through to and including Sunday 28th January.

(Please follow the instructions of the notice below in pink, thank you).

We will not be able to accept referrals/re-referrals by telephone, email or those who turn up at the door. Nor can we store any referral’s luggage – any personal baggage must be kept to a minimum.

Please inform your clients that alcohol / drugs are not allowed on the premises, and any guest who presents ‘under the influence’ may not be admitted.

 Only those service users whose stay has been confirmed by email  will be guaranteed a bed.  Entry will normally commence from 7:30pm unless given a prior registration appointment.

  Please note the last referrals need to be in before 2pm when the form comes down.  We will be taking referrals on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.





All submitted information must be consistent, i.e., submissions for Michael must not be submitted as Mike or any other deratives of the name.

Also, please make sure that First Names and Surnames are entered in their correct fields – and spelled correctly.

Inconsistent entries may put your referral at risk and subsequently your client’s bed!

When available, please complete the form below and when all fields are correctly completed and checked, press the submit button.

 If your application is successful, the Narrowgate manager will email to confirm details.

Please note: MCM will not be liable for loss or damage to your client’s personal belongings whether as a result of fire, theft or any other cause; nor will they permit, or be liable for, the storing of personal belongings at any time of the day or night; any belongings must be kept with them at all times, and at their own risk.

A small lockable locker space is available for essentials. Keys are available for a £7 refundable deposit.

The decision of the Narrowgate manager is final.