Things we need

The Narrowgate need the following items in order to care for our guests and/or to manage the project.

If you can contribute one or more of these items, it would be very helpful if you would deliver them to our premises at the Windsor Christian Centre – (click here for directions)

Please contact the manager, Barry Matley, on (0161) 736 7959 office hours to let him know the item(s) are being delivered, or if you would like further details: [email protected]

Regular items


We urgently need the following core food items …

  • Biscuits
  • (instant) Coffee
  • Cordial juices / squash
  • Tinned Goods
    • Corn Beef
    • Sweet corn
    • Potatoes
    • Garden peas
    • Salmon
    • Soups
    • Curry
    • Fruit
    • Hot dogs
    • Baked beans
    • chilli con-carne
    • Irish stew
  • Jars
    • Pasta sources
      • Tomato based
      • White source based
    • Jam, marmalade / anything to spread on toast
  • Perishables
    • Milk (normally get long life semi skimmed)
    • Margarine
    • Cheese (grated to go on Pastas or other baked dishes)
  • *Pot noodles
  • *“Just add water” dry packet meals
  • Sugar
  • Tea bags
  • Breakfast Cereals

Thank you for your support!


New, single bed size, duvet sets (duvet cover and pillow case) in plain, dark basic colours.

New sheets which must be single bed size, fitted, and preferably in a dark colour.

New, machine washable, single bed size quilted mattress protectors and quilted pillow protectors.

New Underwear

We don’t take general clothing combinations. (Other people do this better than we can.)

We do take donations of new underwear, especially socks, boxer shorts etc.


Small rucksacks (Day sack type) New or good condition used ones also gladly received

Phone chargers, especially usb to micro usb or apple cables


Where a guest expresses an interest in Christian things we give them a Bible.  However, our stocks are virtually empty and we desperately need more.  Can you help?  We find it is best to give a small, compact Bible that has a zip cover as these travel well and the zip helps to keep the pages clean.

In the past we have found this Bible to be among the best – ISBN 9780564092437, currently available from the Bible Society at £9.99 each.  Could you or your Church buy one, or more, and donate to us?  Or alternatively donate funds to us so that we can buy a few copies?  Thank you

Can’t provide any of the above?

If you would like to support the work of the Narrowgate but are unable to provide any of the things above, we are happy to receive a cash donation which we can use to purchase these items.  Click here to go to our giving page.