Neighbourhood Prayer

Neighbourhood_1Back in 1837 when Manchester City Mission first began, the methodology was simple.

Missionaries were recruited and assigned to an area.  They would go from door to door visiting, reading the Scriptures, and sharing the Gospel.  This kind of street level ministry was highly effective in reaching people for Christ, and soon reports of converts began to come in.

Times change however and with those changes, new approaches need to be considered.  For that reason Manchester City Mission have become partners in a national initiative called Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

Again, the core idea is simple.  Neighbourhood Prayer Network has a vision to see every street in the UK covered by Christian Prayer.  More than that, the hope is to encourage as many Christians as possible to be not only praying, but to get to know their neighbours.  The overall strategy is covered in three words: Prayer, Care and Share.

Prayer is self-explanitory.  The aim is to recruit people who will pray for their street and in particular for a couple of houses on each side of where they live.

Care flows from the prayer.  As Christians pray for their neighbours they can be asking the Lord to give opportunities to show that they care.  This could be as simple as visiting a lonely person to helping someone with their garden.

Share also flows in a very natural way from praying and caring for our neighbours.  As trust grows, so do opportunities to share the Good News with those around us.

Rebekah Brettle, founder of the network says:

Each one of us can make a difference where we live, through praying for and getting to knoww our neighbours!  We should not underestimate how significant this could be for people living on our streets.

Manchester City Mission has been invited to deliver this project across the Greater Manchester region.  “This is a really exciting development” said Terry Durose, MCM Director, “It’s thrilling to see the Mission returning to street level ministry, albeit in a very different form.  And what could be more natural for Christians than to love their neighbours?”

For more information, visit the Neighbourhood Prayer Network website:

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