Thank God for the Administrators!

MCM Director,Terry Durose

A couple of weeks ago MCM rolled out the final phase of the new Hospitality Ministries Database.  Not particularly exciting news for most of us who might prefer to hear of hundreds of people committing their lives to Christ or even the launch of a new exciting ministry to the poor and marginalised, but for me personally its been the climax of around 18 months labour.

Nobody taught me how to build a database,  I had to go on a steep learning curve and dedicate long hours of my time to creating a solution that would cover all aspects of our Hospitality Ministries, from booking guests into the Narrowgate, to scheduling volunteer shifts.

The end product is very satisfying for me, but no doubt deadly boring to most.

Should it be though?

At first glance administration tasks might not seem to be much of a missionary adventure,  but a little thought and consideration helps us see how important administration is in the Bible.

Think about two of the greatest and best known heroes in the Old Testament, Joseph and Daniel.

Prophets they may have been, but they both were also highly gifted administrators! Would the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s wall got very far without the project management skills of Nehemiah?

I’m sure you get the idea.

It is wonderful to think of all the people that MCM are reaching though it’s projects.  Encouraging to read of how many children hear the Gospel through the work of Groundbreakers, how many homeless people are given a bed to sleep in through Narrowgate, and how many residents of retirement homes have been visited by the Dawn project and so on.

However, behind all this frontline work are a team of highly gifted administrators, keeping records, filling in essential spreadsheets, managing finances and scheduling shifts.

Thank God for the administrators!

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