Volunteering Opportunities with Manchester City Mission

All of MCM’s main projects highly value the services of volunteers:

new narrowgateNarrowgate Volunteers – There are many practical ways you can contribute to the Narrowgate, including prayer, giving, and volunteering.

Without volunteers, the work of Narrowgate would not be possible.  Volunteering is a rewarding experience, with many volunteers returning regularly.

Evening shift – guests enter the Narrowgate from 7:30pm.  If it is their first visit to us we go through a registration process with them.

A light supper is provided between 8:00pm and 9.00pm, usually bread and soup, tea and coffee.  After supper guests have the opportunity to relax before going to bed at 10:00pm.

On most nights our Chaplain leads evening devotions from 9:30pm.  This is available for anyone to attend, but is not compulsary.

We need volunteers who are able to mix with guests, talk to them and help them feel at ease, whilst at the same time monitoring what guests are doing to prevent any inappropriate activity.

Night shift – During the night our guests sleep, however the work continues!

We need volunteers who will monitor the dormitory to ensure guests enjoy a safe and peaceful night’s rest.

The laundry is washed during the night, and volunteers alternate between spending time monitoring the dormitory and doing the laundry.  We need volunteers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and undertake this vital task.

It’s not all work though.  We have a volunteer lounge where volunteers can rest, read or sleep between helping with laundry and monitoring guests.  So, the long nights are not as difficult as people sometimes think!

Early mornings – Volunteers wake our guests at 6:00am.

A light breakfast is provided, usually cereals, toast, tea and coffee.  We need volunteers to help prepare breakfast, serve food, and then wash up.

Volunteers also mop the dormitory floor, kitchen and corridor floors, clean toilets and remake the beds using fresh sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases.

There is a great team spirit and volunteers say time and again how rewarding they feel their contribution to be.

We are also wanting people to help in the Narrowgate day project:

  • Befriending – our guests need to know that someone cares
  • Helping – our guests with their laundry and ensuring there are sifficient refreshments
  • Interpreting – what a differnece it makes to a guest to hear their own or a common language
  • Gardening – we have our own patio / allotment area where volunteers will hep and supervise
  • and much more

Click here to apply to be a Narrowgate Night volunteer

Click here to apply to be a Narriowgate Day Volunteer

groundbreakers exploring_transparentGroundbreaker Volunteers – a warm welcome awaits anyone who volunteers with the Groundbreakers team when they visit schools.

Just ask Naomi from Glenbrook Chapel in Middleton, who volunteers with Mary every Monday lunch time!

It is great to have an extra pair of hands as 30 minutes passes very quickly.  Naomi helps the children to complete their activity sheets, read their Bible passages, answer tricky questions and so much more . . .

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